Orchard Place School is a PBIS school.  PBIS stands for positive behavior interventions and supports, which is a researched system to incorporate  teaching  pro-social skills into the daily curriculum.  Teaching students appropriate social skills helps all of us manage behavior and promote a positive school climate where achievement for all is the goal.

At Orchard Place School, our school-wide behavior expectations are based on the Circle of Courage philosophy and the universal values of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity.  These four values are taught, reviewed, and modeled regularly in all classrooms so that every student learns what it means to be a Circle of Courage student.

As a part of being a PBIS school, we have implemented school-wide recognition for staff and students who demonstrate belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity.  Students earn stamps for demonstrating Circle of Courage behaviors.  When a student accumulates 25 stamps on a chart, he/she is able to exchange the it for various incentives. The incentives are public acknowledgement that students at Orchard Place are students have modeled the Circle of Courage.