Orchard Place Schoool is located on the Orchard Place Campus on the south side of  Des Moines.  Orchard Place is a Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children (PMIC). Our students are residents here.  They reside in structured and supervised treatment units. Orchard Place is the largest PMIC in Iowa and licensed for 103 children, ages 10 – 18.  The four residential buildings are Jacobson Building (housing Jacobson House and Shiffler House), Aliber House, and Bright House. The campus includes a family services center, medical clinic, gymnasium, greenhouse, and Orchard Place School.

The PMIC program provides intensive treatment for children with some type of serious emotional disturbance that makes them unable to function in their homes, schools and communities. Our goals are to:

  • Improve each child’s psychological, emotional and academic functioning,
  • Return the child to the community, and
  • Reunite the child with the parent whenever possible.

For admissions information, please contact Joe Criger, Director of Admissions, at 515-287-9712.