Celebrating National Unicorn Day!

Today was our 2nd Annual Unicorn Celebration at Orchard Place School.  Our students and teachers had fun dressing in unicorn attire and enjoying unicorn treats that were generously donated by our business partner, Flooring America.  Our school hallway was decorated in a somewhat “Unicorn Prom” theme that the students loved walking under.  The love of the unicorn started as a joke between a couple of staff members and then grew and grew over the years with random unicorns showing up everywhere. Our school office even has a 3 foot tall unicorn named Francis that watches over our office and when students need a break, can sit in the office and hold him for comfort.   Once we found out there was a National Unicorn Day, we knew we had to celebrate it. Enjoy our staff pictures from today!Unicorn21 Unicorn25Unicorn23Unicorn20Unicorn19Unicorn18Unicorn13Unicorn16Unicorn15Unicorn14Unicorn11Unicorn9Unicorn8Unicorn7Unicorn6Unicorn5Unicorn4Unicorn3Unicorn2Unicorn1Unicorn26


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